Monday, October 27, 2008

Tram Station Sheathing / Coping Falls

A resident of Roosevelt Island informed me yesterday that an object fell onto the Tram platform this past Friday evening, October 24, 2008, at approximately 5:30 p.m. The resident believed that the object blew off the tram before landing per the report on the platform between Tram wells.

No word yet whether the object was seen falling by the Tram staff confirming that no other contact was made with the Tram's mechanical systems.

According to Steve Shane, Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation President & CEO, the object:

"...was a section of the metal coping at the edge of the roof parapet which fell, glancing off the front of the cabin and otherwise doing no damage..."
Fernando Martinez, VP of RIOC Operations, reported to Mr. Shane in an internal e-mail shred with me:

"I spoke to Mark Long who was supervisor on duty at the time. It was not a beam but part of the roofing material or sheating at the Manhattan station. The material landed on the Tram pit. No one was injured."
The resident I spoke seemed pretty sure the debris fell onto the platform as opposed to the tram well but either way thank g-d no one was hurt.


  1. I do not think our Tram friends aor RIOC are telling the whole truth -- only part of the truth.

    The piece that fell at the Manhattan station did indeed strike one of the cabins at the top edge of the metal between the "roof" and the cabin wall/window and you can see a small crack in the metal framing on the cabin that faces south.

    It happened late Saturday afternoon during the wind/rain storm around 5 pm. It is miraculous that the metal from the roof did not hit the cables nor any vehicles on 2nd Avenue. Tram service was only briefly interrupted.

    While it may be a small deal to them, it is a very big deal to the long-time Tram faithful, who do not completely trust the folks in charge about anything having to do with Tram safety.

  2. Accidents like this happen. Has nothing to do with tram safety or what not. Just another reason to move forward with the tram overhaul.


  4. Thank God no one was hurt.I think the tram must be out of service for a period, in order to make sure of its security .