Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mystery Video: 1982 Roof Top Music Video

According to the short text that accompanied this YouTube video, posted by earlvisw, it was shot in 1982 on a Roosevelt Island roof top. What building do you think this was shot from?

My assumption at first based on the location of the Queensboro Bridge was that this is Goldwater Hospital. But in 1982 perhaps this is the old laundry building that was on the North side of the bridge where the still under construction 405 Main Street building stands. But that can't be as then we'd see Manhattan in the background which is not the case. My guess is still the roof at Goldwater Hospital. Again what is your best guess?


  1. I think you are right - it has to be south of the Qboro Bridge - and it's too far set back to be the sports center - the parapet walls look like the exterior of those of the newest & southernmost Goldwater bldg (cornerstone says 1968). So that's my vote.

  2. It looks like where the old nurses residence stood, which was a field where the new riverwalk buildings start...they used to use that field for soccer and at one time we had a carnival that would come for a week with rides and games.

  3. As an ex native NYer, it's a very interesting and unexpected pleasure to find this clip featured as the "Mystery Video" at Roosevelt Island's 360 website!

    This music video for "Gone Too Far," as well as another song by THE ROCKERS called "You Need Love" were made only a few months after the launch of the MTV network. It was uncommon of for an unsigned or independent band to make music videos back then, because of the exorbitant expense of this new video technology. Video tape ran about $25. per reel; it was quite costly at the time.

    The other ROCKERS' video which was taped on that very same rooftop on Roosevelt Island reveals another angle of the Manhattan skyline. It can also be found at YouTube. However, the movie files at YouTube are over compressed and due to the age of these videos it's a bit hard to see any fine detail.

    Try going to the source where they may be viewed at a better quality bit rate (696 KB) intended for broadband and high speed connections.

    Scroll down to the bottom of this page The John Earl Walker Official Website - Video Collections to THE ROCKERS movie section and you'll find the two "Rooftop" videos under their "Uncle Floyd Show" appearances clips. Perhaps you'll be able to unveil more about this featured "Mystery Video."