Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Model for New Roosevelt Island Tram Revealed

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation President Stephen Shane will deny it but I was on a secret mission this past weekend. I was sent to Niagara Falls to view and commission the replacement for our beloved Tram.

I was sent to the Spanish Aero Car which is located above the Niagara River Tidal Whirlpool. The new design is much more open allowing free movement of air and will be accompanied by a new ticketing structure duplicating that of the fare structure at the Niagara Parks attraction.

The Aero Car's design has been used since 1916, link HERE for history. and according to one of the operators has never had an accident in all those years. RIOC was so impressed with this record that they have agreed to commission two cabins based on this design. The new tram will also slow down to match the 8 minute ride provided by Niagara Parks in each direction and while the $11 fare is for a round trip in Niagara, RIOC will charge the new fare for each passage across the East River.


For additional pictures of the Spanis Aero Car you can visit FLICKR to see many tourist pics uploaded for public viewing. The above post is obviously a bit of satire on my part. All fun aside it was quite amusing during my vacation with my wife this past weekend to discover this attraction despite our disappointment that the ride did not allow us to disembark on the "American" terminus of the Aero Car's cable track. For those of you that have never visited the Falls my advice is to visit and see it from the Canadian side as it was truly an amazing site to see.


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  2. Unfortunately, there is no American terminus on that tram. Had you listened to the conductor you would have heard him say that the car is suspended between two Canadian points. You would have also heard how you can drive to the other side in under 2 minutes making a Thompson's point station pointless.