Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Gift & Talented Program at PS 217 to Include Students from Manhattan & Queens

Updated 12:26pm

Great news for Roosevelt Island residents as the Gifted & Talented Program slated for PS 217 is a go and will open with 17 students this Fall.

Based on the news release issued today by Council Member Jessica Lappin's office the class appears to be available to both students from Manhattan District 2 and Queens District 30. A representative from Ms. Lappin's office has confirmed that spaces in the class were made available to qualifying D30 students if they weren't enough qualifying D2 students to fill the class and it appears the class will include both Manhattan and Queens addressed children.

It is unknown what the split will be between the initial students is at this time. I have inquired if any off island students are from other neighborhoods in Manhattan District 2 which PS 217 is formally part of. I am also curious as to the funding for this apparent joint district program.

The scuttlebutt was that most parents in Manhattan that heard of the new program at PS 217 scoffed at the idea of commutting to Roosevelt Island to send their kids to the program. If the school was at the Tram I am wondering if they would have considered it.


  1. I wonder what kind of tricks the DOE used to make kids from D30 in Queens eligible for PS217. You wouldn't be able to do that anywhere else in district 2.

  2. Please provide me with information on the girft & talented program in manhattan for kids around 4 yrs old. Please email me at: Thank you.