Friday, July 24, 2009

Has Anyone Ever Used the Bathrooms at Motorgate Garage?

As a parent of young children I continue an obsession over access to public bathrooms on Roosevelt Island. I was walking back to our apartment the other day when a mother with three school age kids stopped me by the Main Street bridge ramp asking me where the closest public bathroom was.

I pointed her to the bathrooms on the second level of Motorgate Garage but stated I was not even sure they were open. I also told facilities farther North and at Trellis in case they were not or if she found them not to her liking. Us parents are fussy that way. I will be honest I would rather my kids pee behind a tree as opposed to how some bathrooms get. Occassionally the bathrooms near the Octagon Soccer field and the Garden Club get that bad but are usually ok.

Recently there was a piece in the NY Times Complaints column about parents using trees and bushes as bathrooms for their kids and I agree that should be a last resort.

The addition of the new public bathrooms up by Lighthouse Park was great news. the provision of a port-a-john at Riverwalk Commons during Roosevelt Live has been a life saver. I noted another port-a-john by Firefighter's Field. Unsure if that is RIOC or Zog Sports sponsored. Luckily the Tram station bathrooms are close by.

As the post title states has nayone used the bathrooms in Motorgate? If they are actually closed that leaves the central part of Roosevelt Island without a true public restroom. Trellis gets used as such but that is not really fair to Trellis.


  1. I haven't been inside that bathroom, but I do walk past it almost every day and I would definitely not send my kids in their without me worrying they'd touch something. Based on the rest of Motorgate and how it might be one of the most disgusting buildings I've ever seen, I would never think of going in there.

    To answer the question... No, I haven't.

    As for the Lighthouse bathrooms...Why did they think to not use toilet seats? Is it because nobody picks them up anyway? I don't get it. It just asks everyone to pee all over it.

  2. Once my husband used it, but it is very rarely open, I think they keep it locked for employees only.

  3. I used it once, when I was in desperate need. It was more than a year ago, and as I dimly recall, it may be intended mostly for the employees, as there are some lockers to keep clothing.