Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do We Need FedEx and/or UPS Drop Off Boxes?

Fellow twitterer "getezra" tweeted this morning about his desire that FedEx and UPS install "drop off" boxes somewhere here on Roosevelt Island. Per their websites we each confirmed there are no such boxes hiding anywhere within Zip Code 10044 that we did not know about.

I spoke with FedEx this morning and the rep I spoke to indicated there are several factors that go into a decision to install a new "drop off" box which include (a) will the box bring in business? (b) is there enough volume in the zip code? (c) factors affecting the pick up time ? (driver routes etc) and among several others (d) would / does the requesting party have control ove the site wher the box would be installed and would they act as "owner" of the box in essence?

I indicated to the rep that several buildings on island have door stations that can receive packages and hold packages for pick up so those buildings are somewhat covered but that there several buildings whose residents do not have such an amenity that would benefit from a local drop off box.

What are your thoughts? Would you use a drop off box if one was installed? I am guessing RIOC would need to be the requesting party.

For safety reasons the box coud be installed say outside the reconstructed PSD offices or outside Trellis as that site is in direct view of PSD. I believe there are USPS boxes around the island which are just as safe so perhaps that is not an issue.

Again would you use such a box?


  1. I am happy with the existing set-up and consider drop-off boxes redundant . After all Roosevelt is a residential area not geared to business 24/7

  2. YES, we need these boxes. I have actually called Fedex several times to request a review of Roosevelt Island. The closest drop off is Staples on 21st Street. When you call for a pick up you are charged an extra fee, this would be an ideal option. The best location would be outside the Post Office. What does RI being a residential area have to do with it? How could it be redundant if there are no drop off boxes currently on the Island?

  3. From FedEx or UPS's point of view it doesn't make any sense to install drop-off boxes on this island. Plus I agree with the first anon poster above.

  4. @getezra here. For anons 1 and 3, it's not just businesses that use FedEx and UPS. In terms of it making 'sense' to FedEx and UPS: they have trucks going up and down the island multiple times per day. Put the boxes next to a building they already visit, and there is almost zero additional cost to them. The boxes themselves don't cost much when you consider how long they last. And they WOULD bring in business, at least from me: When I ship something, I like to put it directly in FedEx or UPS' hands, not in the hands of a doorman or package room attendant -- packages tend to (by accident) evaporate in package rooms. I know I would do more UPS / FedEx shipping with boxes on the island, swapping business away from the USPS. The USPS is a hassle because you have to go inside during business hours to drop off a package heavier than 13 ounces. The FedEx / UPS boxes accept big packages and are open for biz 24/7