Thursday, July 2, 2009

Momma Stop Loses Baby Stop on Roosevelt Island

Momma Stop Sign was last seen on June 30th with Baby Stop along the side of the Tram turnaround on Roosevelt Island. As of this morning Baby Stop is missing. Baby Stop had been known to wander but had been at the Tram Turnaround with Mom for some time before today. If you have any information or see Baby Stop please let his or her Mommma know. She looks worried standing there as she is in the trees.

Note: Yes, this morning I can say I have lost my mind.


  1. Why did they take the sign out? It was so cute!

  2. It was the temporary sign until the Construction Company could put up the permanant one.

  3. Oh dear even baby stop signs bring out our maternal instincts
    ..Worry Worry Wait! Anon says the construction company may have Baby.