Monday, May 25, 2009

Subway/Tram Bike Racks - Enforcement Starts Tonight

This is it folks. Starting tonight at 2:00 am bikes left overnight at the two racks by the Roosevelt Island subway station and the one rack by the subway will be cleared of any bikes not retrieved prior to that time. All bikes to be cleared have been tagged giving them notice, theoretically, of their impending removal and very short storage before being given to charity.

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Tuesday morning 2:00-5:00.

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Subject: Bike racks - enforcement start date ?

Dear Keith -

Does the enforcement of the bike ban on the subway bike racks start tonight Tuesday the 26th at 2am or Wednesday the 27th at 2am ? Last week Mr. Shane stated next week but with the holiday I was unsure of the exact date and the tags don't give a date other than May 18th.

Thank you,

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