Friday, May 22, 2009

Long Holiday Weekend: Only Queensbound Subway Stopping at Roosevelt Island

Only the Queensbound F Train will be making stops this weekend through Tuesday, 5/26, at 5:00am on Roosevelt Island so if you are coming over for the below listed events and need to return to any borough plan on taking the Tram to get off the island if you did not arrive by car.

Affected events:
(1) Saturday 5/23, 4:00 pm Improv Everywhere MP3 Six
(2) Sunday 5/31 Adorama Tweetup / Shootout
(3) Sunday 5/31 Queensboro Bridge Centennial Events at the Visitors Kiosk and RIVAA
(4) Sunday 5/31, 9:00 pm Centennial Fireworks

You would have thought for a holiday weekend the MTA could have delayed this stoppage as it must be affecting events and festivities up and own the F Train line.

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  1. Eric, Eric, Eric -- Certainly you have been a NYer long enough to know that the only people the MTA cares about are MTA people. Holiday weekend disruption -- Its their pleasure to not serve. Saturday's visitor overload thanks to the Related Company and other entertainers -- Tram overload - good $$$ for Tram versus system overload and stress to Tram employees. And by the way, where was Public Safety all day Saturday ? Certainly NOT at the foot of the Island side of the Tram station helping pedestrians to not be run over by red buses, Q102 buses and cars leaving Goldwater at their shift change...