Wednesday, May 27, 2009

F Train Delays Force Morning Tram Shuffle

Due to either a sick passenger or signal problems, the announcements were inaudible, riders waited for more than 25 minutes, between 7:40 and 8:10am (that we spoke to), on the platform at Roosevelt Island before the mass exodus began out of the station. My family included.

Riders quickly walked to a growing Tram line which stretched back to the kiosk by approximately 8:15 am. It is unknown what the true problem was and when and if it has cleared up. No service advisory was received via email from the MTA at this time.
Thankfully the Tram is not scheduled to go off line for about 6 weeks.


  1. That's weird I got the service advisory at 7:57 AM. And another one at 8:24, saying service had resumed. Though what is really weird is saying that the Coney-Island bound F train is running on the G from Queens Plaza to Bergen Street. That's kind of burying the lede-it bypassed Manhattan altogether!

  2. I was entering the station as the crowd was leaving. Knowing the line at the tram would be long and take forever, I decided to go to Roosevelt Ave and then take the E/V/R back into Manhattan. When the F pulled into 21st St at about 8:15, there was a Manhattan-bound F pulling in the other way. A bunch of us jumped off and ran over and made it. By the time we got back to RI, the station was pretty empty and not many people tried to get on.

    The moral of the story: When you decide it's time to try another route, that's when the wait for the delayed train will finally be bearable.

  3. I was one if the folks stuck in the tunnel that morning. It was a signal problem at 51st Street that caused the delay. I think we were standing between 63rd/Lex and Rockefeller for around 20 minutes.