Monday, May 11, 2009

Caution - May 31st: Its a Tweetup / Shootout !

The word today on Twitter is that on May 31st there will be an "AdoramaPix Tweetup/Shootout" here on Roosevelt Island.

So if you see a mass of individuals wandering about the island all constantly text messaging like mad be warned what you say or do as your actions may be instantly "tweeted" (aka reported) to the world via words and pictures.

According to one of the organizers the event is for photographers from Twitter and they decided after conducting some research that Roosevelt Island was an interesting place to have a photo tour. More later as I learn where the tour will begin.

As you have no doubt guessed by this point "A tweetup is a meeting of people who twitter. A shootout means we'll be taking pix! " Thanks to AdoramaPix and Preetalina for the info and definitions.

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