Friday, March 27, 2009

Will Spider-Man The Play Feature the Renwick Ruin or the Tram?

Will the Broadway play Spider-Man feature a fight scene with the Green Goblin holding the Roosevelt Island Tram hostage or at the Renwick Ruin?

[Semi - amusing comment re the first movie and the Tram: Since the Tram is on a clothesline system when the Green Goblin let go the Tram cabin, most non Island residents had no clue that the other cabin must have already crashed below - but residents certainly did.]

If the Tram is featured will RIOC get a fee?

Apparently the play's book is going to be nothing like the movie franchise based on comments by Director Julie Taymor published in a New York Post news article by Michael Reidel. Oh well I guess the Tram will not be heading to Broadway..

Amusing thoughts.

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