Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Governor Forces RIOC Board Member to Resign from Simultaneously Holding Resident's Association Seat

Jonathan Kalkin, Courtesy of The Main Street WIRE

-----Original Message-----

From: Frank Farance
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 11:45:18

To: Steve Shane
Subject: Re: Official Resignation from The Roosevelt Island Resident's Association (RIRA)
To: RIOC President, RIOC Board of Directors
Dear Steve and Ken-

I received the following E-mail below, which is appalling.

Could you explain:

(1) under what grounds Mr. Kalkin is being forced to resign from RIRA
(2) what is the written policy that establishes this policy
(3) what has changed, if anything, regarding Mr. Kalkin (and future RIOC board candidates) that would require their resignation from RIRA.

I note that RIOC Directors Kraut and Stewart were former RIRA Presidents and were permitted to be on the RIOC Board and retain their RIRA positions. What has changed?

Frank Farance
RIRA President


From: Jonathan Kalkin
To: Frank Farance

Subject: Official Resignation from The Roosevelt Island Resident's Association (RIRA)
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 11:08:02 -0500
Cc: Stephen Shane & Kenneth Leitner

Dear RIRA President Frank Farance,

I have just been informed that Governor Paterson's office, upon a second review of my file and the file of possible new board members, has stated that I must regretfully resign my position as a RIRA Council Member. On the original review I was not told to resign. Since I have been informed, I officially and regretfully resign from my seat on the Roosevelt Island Resident's Association.

Thank you,

Jonathan Kalkin
New York, NY 10044

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