Monday, March 16, 2009

Interested in Buying "Your" Roosevelt Island Apartment Cheaply?

Starting next Monday, you may be able to buy an apartment on Roosevelt Island for $50 or an entire house for $250. Well in truth these prices are not for actual real estate on Roosevelt Island but for an interest in the model of Roosevelt Island that is part of the Panorama of the City of New York originally built for the 1964 World’s Fair.

The Panorama has for years now resided at the Queens Museum of Art and as part of their “Adopt-a-Building” program individuals are being offered the chance to buy apartments, single family houses, or even add new buildings to the Panorama for $10,000. I expect that any building purchase of $10,000 is tax deductible up to a limit. At least I would hope so.

The opportunity to support the Panorama and the Queens Museum was reported on today by the NY Times online. Link here to the article. No link on the Queens Museum site for the program.

Based on the above picture of the Panoramic Roosevelt Island it appears that each of the WIRE buildings is represented as is Manhattan Park. No further island residential “construction” appears to have been added to the Panorama in years. Perhaps the “Adopt-a-Building” will allow for adoptions of other Roosevelt Island landmarks, if they exist, such as the Lighthouse, Tram Station, Good Shepherd Church, and each of the Coler-Goldwater Hospitals campus buildings. Based on the above photo there is no model for Blackhouse House present on the Panorama.

Although I am sure most island charitable organizations would rather that your donations be put to local uses this is a cute promotional idea to raise funds for the Museum at costs most New Yorkers can justify spending.

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