Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Introducing: Gabriela, a Multicultural Doll, from Roosevelt Island

Today’s NY Times online speaks about an AIDs event that took place yesterday where the organizers could not find enough black and brown dolls even though 90% of the woman living with H.I.V. in NYC are black and Hispanic. It instantly made me recall that I knew of a doll company that specifically manufactured multi-cultural dolls for children. I first learned of this doll company while attending Roosevelt Island Day where they had set up a table.

The following is from a news release I found about the company:

New York, NY ( - Vannuzza, LLC recently announced the launch of the Vanange® multicultural and multi-ethnic dolls now available for girls of all ages. The doll line was inspired by the continuing need to raise the self-esteem of young girls across the globe. "Little girls are receiving the wrong messages about their self-image: They are confused and they suffer silently! The result is destruction of the society!" says Toussaint-Cali of Vannuzza LLC.

The AIDs event is obviously over but if you are interested in a beautifully crafted dolls I would recommend your considering these dolls as I saw them up close and they looked great. Maybe Gabriela from Roosevelt Island will find a home with your child.


  1. The Mixis dolls by YNU Group are multi-racial, multi-ethnic fashion dolls that are Barbie size ... somewhat. The Mixis dolls are a little heavier than Barbie, but they fit in that playscale.

    Please check my blog - link below - for information about other ethnic fashion dolls and action figures.

    There are fewer ethnic dolls, but they ARE out. We have to work more to find them.


  2. Here are a couple of quick links on the company to give you a little background:

    • History In Actions Toys (
    • Testimonials (
    • Interview (

    As a collector, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Kind Regards,

  3. Dolls Like Me ( has hundreds of dolls for every ethnicity. I purchased from them last Christmas and was very pleased with the selection.

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