Wednesday, November 12, 2008

$3 Fare Card = $204 Break Even Monthly Card for Roosevelt Island Parents

Image per amNew York

One local paper ran its cover page today projecting a possible $3 fare card for the MTA, so I had to again determine what the break even for a Roosevelt Island couple that incurs 6 fares per day on the MTA would be. My wife and I incur approximately 136 fares /month which with a $81 montly card averages out to $1.19/fare.

Based on the below analysis my break even goes from $136/month at $2/fare to now a whopping $204 per monthly fare card if the full fare is raised to $3/ride. I have heard nothing about what the monthly fare cards might raise to but as long as it less than $204/month we'd be ahead. Yikes.


  1. I can see the unlimited card to go up to $150 over the next few years. It would still be a steal considering the size of the NYC transit system (especially compared to European cities).

    Btw, how old are your children? I assume you are supposed to pay for them on the weekends, no?

  2. One is less than 5. The other who is 6 has a school issued metrocard. His weekend metrocard (we throw $20 on it per month now) I left out of the analysis.