Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WIRE: Local Roosevelt Island Election Results

The Main Street WIRE has published the election results on line as noted above.


  1. I demand an investigation! There must have been vote-tampering in the RIRA election: No one could have POSSIBLY voted against the Public Safety Review Board -- those 67 votes are OBVIOUSLY the result of impropriety!

  2. The votes against it were probably friends/family and Public Saftey workers...

  3. Or maybe they were from people who have a clue. Review Board's aren't for free and there certainly won't be any impartial civilians on this island.

    For someone to be qualified enough to be on a CCRB, they need to know the laws of the constitution, penal code, and CPL which governs use of force.

    It doesn't matter anyway. 100% of the islanders could vote for it. It's not going to happen. RIOC and the Public Safety brass will continue to be the only review board necessary for complaints against Public Safety.