Monday, November 17, 2008

New Blackwell Park Playground Design

For several months now the former location of the Roosevelt Island "Castle Playground" just South of Eastwood / Roosevelt Landings and just Northeast of Blackwell House has been sitting empty behind steel fencing. Sometime in the last few weeks RIOC posted consruction info regarding the new park to be built there with images of the newly designed park.

The design is standard playground design with nothing truly new as compared to either of the other four larger island playgrounds but if it is buit by Spring who are we to complain. We will miss the distinctiveness of the former Castle Playground but not the cement hazards.

My understanding is that Nikki Leopold of Island Kids was involved in the design process, at least an earlier point in the process. No confirmation who the final design team included. No word yet from RIOC, in response to my emails, as to how physically the equipment pictured will be laid out on the ground.


  1. Please excuse this rather shameless promotion. I've been working for twenty years with the compsny which pioneered custom-designed, community-built playgrounds.
    If you really want something other than a cookie-cutter playground, take a look at our work.
    We will work with contractors to build, if community-built is not an option.
    Michael Cohen

  2. Hey there

    Really dig your blog and come here often. But the looping rap music is very annoying and I see no way of turning it off. Could I impose on you to discontinue it?

  3. My apologies re the rap music. It is from a post about 50 Cent's reality TV show filming at Southpoint Park. I will disable it this evening if I can't do so from work. There is usually a sound button that can be clicked on the slide shows to disable the acompanying music. Last night I never got near my PC at home. Again my aplogies.