Monday, November 3, 2008

Polling Site Confusion re 455 Main Street ?

The Roosevelt Islander published a great summary of where Island residents are supposed to vote in the national and local elections. The RIRA election polling station will primarily be at PS 217 but Octagon residents will also cast their votes at Coler Hospital for RIRA as they will in the general elections.

Apparently there is some confusion with respect to residents of 455 Main Street as some residents have been assigned to Goldwater Hospital and others to PS / IS 217. If you have a official Board of Elections mailer identifying that states you are to go to one location as opposed to another I'd suggest you bring that mailer with you. Per the NYC Board website it appears that all 455 Main is assigned to Goldwater. My suggestion is to go early in case you need later to trek onto the other location. Fortunately the island is really not that big. It will be annoying but please vote.

Two great website:
Poll Locator & Registration Confirmation

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  1. Apparently 455 was split into 2 different voting districts with no rhyme or reason. While voting in the national elections at Goldwater I ran into a couple who live one floor below who were there so he could cast his vote - she had already voted in the presidential election at HER polling place - PS/IS 217.
    I wonder if the board of elections had some special insight as to who sleeps on the left side of the bed?