Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Video: Red Bus Ride from the Subway to the Tram

The video attached to this post is another in a series of videos I have made of this Island. The inspiration for this blog and many of these videos were two German YouTube video submissions of Southpoint and the Lighthouse that were taken in 360 degree shots. Hence the title of this blog. It certainly was not modeled after Anderson Cooper 360.

The idea is where the RIHS and others are preserving the Island's past I wanted to take pictures of the present so my kids and long distance family coud see where we live now. If others want to use the blog as a video postcard for their family and friends that is great.

After submitting the blog to Outside.in (a blog aggregator) the folks at Outside.in were excited about a Roosevelt Island blog and encouraged me to start adding text about what I am taping. That combined with a past with tinges of school journalism and the fact that I am no stranger to blogging ( I run a totally unrelated blog which just passed 400 plus posts) resulted in what this blog is now becomming. It was a coincidence that I learned about the Roosevelt Islander blog and his goals (as I have seen them) of making life here more transparent to those here and off island as well as bringing out his views about life here.

My blog is not trying to copy the Roosevelt Islander (although once I went beyond pure video compilation and creation I am leaning in the same direction) but I guess my goal is similiar in that I expect to present my own views and observations as a relatively newer resident of this Island.

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