Friday, July 27, 2007

RIOC Postpones Christmas ..until August??

This afternoon while speaking with Erica Wilder, RIOC’s community relations liason, our RIRA President Matthew Katz stopped by to say hello to Erica and they discussed the plans for tomorrow’s movie night. Ms. Wilder indicated that RIOC was postponing the movie due to the expected rain storms coming our way. I should have expected that RIOC would use the new Red Buses to deliver the news of the postponement to the public as they have been using the Red Buses to advertise the movies from day one this year.

Where else in NYC but in this small community can you see a mass transit system being used to announce local events. Certainly in times of uncertainty the NYC MTA has made public announcements on their buses and subways relating to current events but never to announce what movie is showing (or not) at the local multiplex.

I am constantly amazed at what occurs on this little island. What’s next should we expect to see at some point a resident proposing to his love via the bus signs? Who knows the tram was recently used for a mid-flight proposal where the operator’s stopped the tram momentarily .

Anyhow the 7/28 movie showing of “Christmas in July” has been postponed obviously into August or September. My bet is that they will sandwich Christmas back in (on 8/11) between the 8/4 showing [Family Night] of “Happy Feet” and the 8/18 showing [A Night on Broadway] of “Funny Girl”.

Stay dry tomorrow and if need be feel free to rent your own Christmas movie from the video / hardware store.

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