Friday, July 27, 2007

Roosevelt Island (In)Direct Elections to RIOC Board on Hold…

In today’s issue, July 27, 2007, of the New York Sun and tomorrows, July 28, 2007 issue of Roosevelt Island’s own The Wire it is being reporting that the plan to hold elections to nominate residents to the RIOC Board are being delayed if not fully put on hold. It appears that a central issue is whether Governor Spitzer’s office was fully aware of the plan and whether they had approved of it.

RIOC President Steve Shane indicates in the WIRE that he had informed Spitzer’s office within his reports of RIOC activities. As reported RIRA representatives were under the impression that Spitzer’s office was directly aware of the plan and supported Shane’s participation.

As a relatively new resident to Roosevelt Island I have read the many WIRE articles on this topic and those by off Island publications. When we moved here we were amazed that the residents had no self determination powers by our own votes. Sure we can vote for our NYC reps and NYS reps in the Senate and Assembly but the day to day operations of the Island are run by RIOC to which we have no say and RIOC answers only to the current Governor. This plan to allow for direct elections was a major step forward for it to be delayed on put on “hold” indicates that either the Governor’s office is reconsidering partial self rule or more likely was never really aware of the plan.

Shane seems like a step in the right direction but it appears his office may not have completely followed through and got Spitzer’s full approval. And now with the growing scandal in Albany it is unlikely Spitzer’s office will care about a little place like Roosevelt Island despite his campaign promises when he stopped here prior to the election.

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