Monday, July 23, 2007

NYC TV - $9.99 Show on NYC Other Islands

This episode of NYC TV's $9.99 really only shows some recent video of the lighthouse and the Renwick Ruin and a little historical video. Other than a quick shot of the tram it shows nothing else of the island.

Per the $9.99 website the episode included:

"The Other Island of New York: When you talk to people around the country, Manhattan & Long Island pretty much sum up what most people think are the “islands” of New York City. In this fun and exciting episode, "$9.99" will take you to the Big Apple's other islands: Roosevelt Island, City Island, Hart Island, even Governor's Island - which is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Not all of these are open to the public, but we can cruise by and take them in by water."

Click on the above image for the video link. If that link does not work head over to the Next Stop NYC website via HERE and look on the right hand column for the $9.99 Roosevelt Island video download link.

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