Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Store Update: Duane Reade

As I got off the Tram this evening and took the Red Bus around to Northtown I saw that the Riverwalk builders had taken down the fence around the new building (# 445 Main?) by the subway station. And what I saw beyond that curtain was the beginnings of heaven: “Duane Reade”.

Now to anyone living in Manhattan where there’s a Duane Reade, a CVS, a Walgreens, or a Rite Aid every other block this is not a big deal but here on Roosevelt Island having a store by the subway or tram is heaven.

I have no idea when this location is slated to open but it looks imminent as the store appears fully setup but for the lack of merchandise on the shelves. My wife heard by the end of August but this looks earlier than that.

The one thing all Roosevelt Islanders know is to support new businesses.

Kudos to The Roosevelt Islander blog for reporting that a new Italian restaurant / pizza place “Nonno’s Foccaceria” will be opening up at 455 Main Street and the rumor that a Japanese restaurant may be coming as well. No signs for that one yet.

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  1. More activity at the store today, Sunday; awning crew and a cleaning crew were hard at work and there's actual merchandise coming to the shelves this week according to a crew member. It almost looks like it may open in a few weeks. Now that the commons are now open, Public Safety needs to keep the cars and trucks from parking on the pedestrian's crosswalks even if they belong to the construction crews. And I'm hoping the lamposts start working as well just like the other side.