Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Stairway to Heaven Returned

Quite quietly escalator ES416 returned to service this week at the Roosevelt Island subway station connecting the lower mezzanine to the upper mezzanine. It was slated to reopen September 19th a date that came and was gone with no fan fare or explanation as to why service had not been restored. The escalator had been taken out of service I believe in early to mid July from what I recall.

No big fuss was made by this blog as generally ES415 right next to it was up and running most days allowing riders to make their way up towards street level (or at least half way there).

All I can say is we generally take the escalators for granted until that time or two when they are out and you are carrying more bags than you would want to climbing the steps out after a long day.

Does this post have any real point other than to thank the MTA for finally finishing this project? Not really.

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