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Fw: WIRE-BULLETIN: Tram Ceremony Tuesday

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Tram Launch Ceremony Tuesday at 11:00;
Service Likely to Resume Immediately After

The Roosevelt Island Operating Croporation has schedule a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the renovated Island Tramway. It is to take place on Tuesday (November 30) at 11:00. The public is invited.

It is Likely that regular service will resume immediately after the ceremony, though, at last report, RIOC was still awaiting a final "go" from the Department of Labor. The operating permit is expected before Tuesday's ceremony, according to RIOC Presidnet Leslie Torres.

The Main Street WIRE will present special coverage of the event on Website NYC10044, at <> , starting late Tuesday afternoon. (A bulletin will be originated when the coverage is available on line.)


Associated with the re-opening of the Tram:
The Lumen Gallery will present an exhibition of photography by Carol Caver and Jonas Cuenin, titled Service Suspended - The men behind the New York tram renovation. It will run December 2 through December 7, with an opening reception Thursday, December 2, 6:00-9:00 p.m., at 221 East 60th Street.

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