Monday, August 30, 2010

Volunteering Your Local Bunny

We don't have any bunnies in our apartment but do you? If you do and if your bunny has a gentle disposition maybe your bunny can volunteer (along with you) at Coler Goldwater Hospital and make a difference.

There was a story in this weekend's NY Post about a Jackson Heights woman who volunteers her bunnies, via the Animal Medical Center (AMC) Pet Outreach Program and they come to Coler Goldwater here on Roosevelt Island. It made me wonder how many local bunnies (or other animals) we have on the Island that can volunteer and expand the program locally for patients at the hospital and perhaps also through the Roosevelt Island Senior Association and perhaps the Roosevelt island Disabled Association. Just an idea.

To volunteer for AMC’s Pet Outreach Program, call 212-838-8100 x7348.


  1. My cat Tatiana was a therapy cat at Coler campus for about 3 yrs. Shel loved her job and got to know everyone she visited.

    You must go thru an authorized agency to bring your pet to the hospital.

    It is a great experience and Tatiana
    and I learned a lot volunteering at Coler.

    Judith Berdy

  2. i live in roosevelt landings . me and my baby moma get welfare . and sec 8 . . the new people moving into roosevelt landings are paying high rents , i am happy its not me paying those rents i think they are cazy .