Monday, August 9, 2010

Does Anyone Off Roosevelt Island Care Who Runs RIOC?

I must admit that when I see stories about Roosevelt Island in the mainstream media I always wonder why do they care? When I see the stories I experience a mix at pride for where I live and also a mix of amusement as I know most of the City sees Roosevelt Island as an oddity of state and local government and as that place which used to be known as Welfare Island (where they really have no clue what that meant) as well as that place that has the aerial cable car.

So back to my post title, does anyone off island really care who is President of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation? (It's a rhetorical question, but if you have answer please feel free to answer.) See today's NY Times for their City Room article.

On a serious note, congratulations to Ms. Torres on her new position! I am the island's now minor blogger who occasionally delves into politics but now mostly is here to occasionally note something more of interest to me about this island that 12,000 of us call home. Please be one of the good ones that runs this place. There have not been many.


  1. I worked with Ms. Torres at DHCR and our loss is your gain. She is a professional in every sense of the word and will bring a breath of fresh air to your island. Good luck in your new home Leslie!

  2. yes i plan to go to her to help the middle income people who were placed into sec8 . alot of them have moved but i will not be one of them i will stay and fight i and others have every right to has a rent satzized apartment like all, the people in the e,b,c, they are no better than me i want what they got . i am a middle income person placed in sec8 because of ron vass and the agreement he made with belson .how the hell do you put middle income people in a program that is made for low income people . well you dont thats why i will go to washington d,c with this , to ron vass and the ebc you all should drop dead