Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NYPD K9 Unit Hopefuls Tested at Roosevelt Island Subway Station

For those of you that were wondering why the NYPD was visiting the local Roosevelt Island subway station this morning, in large numbers, the answer comes courtesy of RIOC Public Safety Director Keith Guerra:

"The Officers at the Roosevelt Island Station were from the NYPD Canine Unit. They were having their Agility Tryout for prospective candidates for the K-9 Unit. .... Running up and down the stairs & escalators. Dogs were not being used because the dogs are assigned to specific Officers and only they can train with that particular dog. These are candidates trying to get into the unit and receive a dog of their own."
It would have been fun to see a few of the dogs this morning but why make them sweat out the heat when its only the humans being tested.


  1. I happened to see the Officers who had dogs and they were very friendly. They stopped and allowed 2 kids to pet them.

  2. I missed seeing the actual dogs. I wonder if my kids saw them. You never know with working dogs whether you are allowed to approach them and ask if they can be pet.

    There are bomb detection dogs at a couple of the Rock Center buildings that are very good with kids that see them every day.

  3. Merci pour votre commentaire sur mon blog sur NYC. Je découvre votre blog, j'ai découvert "Roosevelt Island" l'année dernière et j'ai beaucoup aimé me promener dans l'ile.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog on NYC. I discovered your blog, I discovered "Roosevelt Island" last year and I enjoyed wandering around the island.