Monday, August 23, 2010

Blog Wars: OYIT versus RI360?

Apparently I am engaged in a Blog War with One Year in Texas. I did not intend it. My children are safe for now but I worry about their future if I am wounded. It started here. Continued here. And for now the battle rages here. If you support me please man (or woman) your keyboards.

As an aside OYIT in Texas does like Rick's Roosevelt Islander blog. I did not know it but apparently Roosevelt Island is limited to one blog per 10,000 residents. I will have to check the General Development Plan when this place was set up.


  1. Je comprends pas tout ce que dit "One Year In Texas" sur Roosevelt, mais je suis avec toi et vive Roosevelt Island.

    I do not understand everything said "One Year In Texas" on Roosevelt, but I am with you and VIVA Roosevelt Island.

  2. I dont understand jokes existing outside of pre-recorded laugh tracks, so I'm just going to assume that everyone at OYIT is just kids still in school and living off their parents $, veterans just returned from war, or vagabond political operatives, all looking for ways blow off some tension or something. VIVA Internet Island!