Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The New Octagon Playroom

Courtesy of Roosevelt Island blogger Populuxe Books and reported on by New York Magazine I learned that the Octagon has a new playroom for the kids. There is a second smaller playroom that I remember that still exists (for now?) that my son once played in while visiting friends.

As noted in NY Mag, buildings are now offering such amenities to help attract potential tenants. I will say as a parent with young kids that in the Winter and on a rainy day such spaces are godsends. Based on the pics on the Populuxe Books blog this is a great playroom.


  1. Mom of 2 @ OctagonDecember 2, 2008 at 1:53 PM

    Actually the picture posted is the current playroom - nothing has changed in there. What has opened up is a new larger playroom in the North Wing for older children (2+) and is definitely not what is pictured in the article. It actually was has been in the works since the summer so it's nice that it is now open. The playroom shown has toys more appropriate for babies and young toddlers.

  2. I wonder when (or would that rather be an "if"?) Manhattan Park is going to improve its common spaces like the disgusting playroom? It took them years to finally get the gyms done and we were promised new lobbies years ago which never materialized. Oh, we got new carpet in our elevators. Yay!