Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mid Day Fire at 560 Main Street

A fire has been reported at Roosevelt Island's 560 Main Street, Apt 422, called in at 12:24pm on Wednesday 12/3, was "knocked down" according to FDNY reports by 12:40 pm and classified as under control by 12:50 pm.

Initially the incident was reported as a smoke condition from the flower shop and then as a fire at the shop. Fire Box 1942 sits across from the flower shop and as the closest fire box the fire is classified as reported through the box even if the report was not made through the box itself.

No indication that any residents or FDNY personnel being injured.

Due to the nature of the structure and the fact that many elderly and handicapped live within the building, the report indicated that the FDNY at one point had up to ten trucks on scene.

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