Monday, December 22, 2008

New Double Decker Tram Design Unveiled (spoof)

As opposed to the service cuts proposed by the 2009 MTA austerity budget the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation unveiled its new design for the tram. The double decker design took most residents by surprise as it was not expected that RIOC would be so forward thinking to take into account the island's growth and transportation needs.

There are still several right of way concerns that must be worked out as the tram is not allowed to drop below a certain height as it crosses Second Avenue. City Hall has stated through an unnamed spokesman that it is exactly this sort of innovation that the MTA needs to get us through the coming years. According to the unnamed spokesman "If they could build a double decker LIRR train and now the tram why not double decker subway cars" .

Roosevelt Island residents are fearful that the new design will be followed by a decoupling of the tram from the MTA metrocard system as it is rumored that the fare for the double decker tram will double to $4.


  1. This is a great site! I am glad I found it.
    happy Holidays.

  2. spoof [ spoof ]
    noun (plural spoofs)
    1. hoax: a good-humored hoax
    2. amusing satire: a light amusing satire

  3. Very funny. Or not. Knowing the clowns at RIOC, dopier things could happen. But you deserve great credit here for trying...

    20 or so years ago a friend and I wrote some satire called "Tramless Tidbits" as a way of relieving the stress of no Tram service and real express bus service from the east side of Manhattan through the then-wilds of LIC to RI.

    Tramless Tidbits will need to be resurrected to get us through what ever RIOC & the MTA do during the next big and expensive shutdown.

  4. the eastwood building committee sold out the people in eastwood the vasses just made sure they got a deal good for them the people in the lap program. but the people who were not able to get into the lap program got you know what . why were all the people in sec. 8 had to downsize but not the people in the lap program. think about it.. the vasses did what was good for themselfs. the should not be in their apartment in the frist place. he makes alot of money.

  5. Brian from the OctagonDecember 30, 2008 at 10:01 PM

    Strange Police Car Motorcade Update #2

    Monday night at 10:04 there was an UNPRECEDENTED 27 police cars in the almost-nightly motorcade with lights flashing go north on the FDR.

    More exciting updates as they occur, we now return you to your regular Roosevelt Island blog.

  6. regarding the motorcade...does it occur the same time?...each night?...thanks...

  7. Brian from the OctagonDecember 31, 2008 at 10:43 PM

    Ah, if only the mysterious motorcade was that specific.

    No, it's not every night. It doesn't even seem to be on the same nights each week. But yes, timing wise it's almost always right around 10pm and they are always going north. Usually it's between 14 and 17 police cars. I never see any 'official' black suv or limo being escorted with them.

  8. To Anonymous #3 - Please contact me directly so that we can put Tramless Tidbits on line via this blog. Both the historical and for this coming year. - Eric

  9. that motorcade yu see at night is a drill, see each precinct must send 2 cars to the drill . they are all coming or goind to the bronx they meet in the bronx and then make a motorcade and head to manhattan see now go get a life and worry about other meaning full things to woory about like how much money you lost on wall street.

  10. Brian from the OctagonJanuary 2, 2009 at 8:37 PM

    Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for the info, do you have any sorta proof to back this theory up? I never see them going south, just north.

  11. when then drive into the city they go down the west side highway.