Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ten out of Ten Roosevelt Island Subway Escalators Out of Service Today

Today is an extemely bad day for the subway escalators at Roosevelt Island. Ten Escalators are out of service. Ten out of Ten. This is absolutely ridiculous and who ever the station manager is should be in big trouble for not demanding repair crews working all night to fix the escaltors that are not even under construction. Link to the MTA website to see the above listing at its full size.
If the elevators go out this morning our wheelchair bound and elderly are essentially trapped without access to the subways.


  1. Even better, late nights we will have to take the elevators. To go to Manhattan, we will have to take the elevators to the Queens side, go up the stairs to cross to the Manhattan side. Ridiculous.

  2. You bet that the people who need the elevator will not be able to take it no matter if they are in service or not. It's all the lazy folks that don't want to walk up the steps who will cram into the elevators even pushing elderlies and parents with strollers out of the way to be first (oh, yes, people are really that inconsiderate).