Monday, October 25, 2010

New Tram: Swinging Singles or Stable Studebakers ?

Like many Roosevelt Island residents we have been watching POMA and RIOC test out the new Tram cabins back and forth across the East River.

They are being touted as more stable and certainly the double hangar system on each tram would appear to support the concept of greater stability.

But from what I have been seeing they seem to be swinging a lot more than the old cabins from front to back as they make the platform. Perhaps this is operator controlled and will settle down with the weight of 110 passengers but it has been interesting to watch.


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  2. Today's ride (02-19-2011) was HORRIBLE. People were screaming inside. Due to high wind the cabin was swinging terribly. I'll never take the tram during windy days. I was scared to death!

  3. grow up you cry babies.