Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Voting Light at 715am at Roosevelt Island Polling Station

Voting this morning at the Roosevelt Island polling station was llight at 7:15am. I was only the15th voter for my electoral district. The individuals at the tables seemed pretty knowledgeable and not thrown by the new process. The same old signature books are in use.

The voting sheets were clearly understandable. The sheets could have used larger print fonts but each privacy voting area came equiped with a plastic magnifier sheet. I did not notice if there were privacy stations at wheel chair height as depicted above. I hope there were as they certainly are appropriate for our island.

My sheet was scanned quickly and without incident.

The polling station included about 4 election districts to which they had only two (2) scanning machines. Which was fiine for today when turnout is low but for a general election I am betting the scanning line will get long and they better bring more scanners.

All in all positive marks.

Note the above pictures are from the Board of Elections website as I forgot my camera this morning.


  1. How late is the polling station open?

  2. baby daddy, you are right . i am paying 2800 for my apartment in roosevelt landings . and the people next door to me are on welfare . i did not know this before i moved in .so they are up all nite. while i need to sleep . i must go to work in the morning.i am moving out.