Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Local Soul Storage Business On Roosevelt Island

If you were not aware already there is a medically related business on Roosevelt Island that offers you the ability to have your soul removed.

This "business" is profiled in the new Paul Giamatti movie "Cold Souls". According to the movie the business is located on the island but never says exactly where. From the mock website set up for "The Soul Storage Company LLC" it is here but where is the question. Filming tool place on the Tram and in the Octagon building.

The above graphic I created for fun from the mock website. It does not represent an endorsement of the movie by me or of my website by them. And was put to gether purely for fun. I wonder if their local filming fee the producers paid RIOC entitles them to use the Tram image on their website?

I was especially amused at the storage options. Perhaps the difference in rates between the new NYC rate 8.875% sales tax is enough to push folks to store in NJ at 7.00% sales tax rate.

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  1. Makes you wonder if anybody would react if someone offered always available loading/unloading parking privileges
    on Main Street for their favorite car