Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Latest Renderings of Manhattan Tram Station

The above two renderings for the new Manhattan Roosevelt Island Tram Station were just released moments ago. Pretty cool in color. Double click to enlarge.

Notice that except for the glass walls and the roof the station retains much of its curent design. I had thought at one point I had heard RIOC President Steve Shane they might change the position of the exiting stairs which here do not change.

Also the retractable roof look of an earlier design has vanished. The glass partitions on the balcony is a smart addition to prevent riders from dropping belongings into the tram wells or being fearful that their kids night fall through the gate. I believe this design feature was also slated for future Second Avenue Subway stations at least the concept.


  1. Why do people continue to think glass roofs are a good idea? It will weather as well as the newsstands around the city- which is poorly. Glass roofs aside, I question the identity the station is attempting to have, or should I say, not having. The whole 'transparency as building' philosophy is getting tired and providing us with an unidentifiable city. Just look at the the 59th Street Bridge for some inspiration!

  2. I just hope they do something with the lifeless plaza that surrounds the station.

  3. They just re-did that plaza two years ago. I'm wondering why they didn't delay if they were just going to tear a bunch of stuff up to renovate the station a few years later...