Tuesday, September 2, 2008

News Shorts: Blackwell House, Southtown Retail, & Tram Towers

Blackwell House - As first reported by the Roosevelt Islander last week the historic island landmark had suffered some window damage possibly due to vandalism. This week there is a reliable report that one of the exterior doors to the building may have been subject of a separate incident where a vandal or burglar was attempting to push their way into the structure. Perhaps its time that RIOC stepped up whatever plans it has for the landmark as increased official activity, or perhaps some sort of full time presence (i.e. a tenant, or caretaker), might help deter further vandalism.

Expanding Retail at Southtown

Riverwalk Retail - Snazzy new signage at Southtown indicating what stores exist. The plaza isn't exactly so big you can't see every store's sign from where this sign is sitting but they are still cool. Does the presence of two open slots indicate the last remaining space will be subdivided into two retail establishments. Can the name "Riverwalk" be placed upon any more signage? Perhaps it can be mowed into the weave of the grass so that residents can see it from their apartments above.

Last Weeks Tram Tower Project - For those of you that were wondering what the men in the orange jump suits were doing climbing throughout the towers they were absolutely not cage bungee jumping. The news according to Armando Cordova, Tram Operations Director, was that these individuals were "performing structual assessments" as well installing "transducers" that would collect information that will allow "computer models" to be developed to determine allowable stress levels which will be needed for next year's tram modernization project". Interesting information but it was more fun to think that the orange men were in fact practicing for a new Summer olympic sport.


  1. If street advertising of Southtown merchants posted on public sidewalk can other R.I. merchants also adcvertise? i.e., Trellis, card store, etc?

  2. The signage in Southtown is on a 7/8' sidewalk next to a garbage can and a bike rack... Unlike much of the other commercial areas north.

    I would rather have this sign in the cement verse the green space any day. As long as signage is consistent and does not interfere with passage I say sure why not.